Fundraiser info


Bowling Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your favorite charity, church, sports team or any
other group.
Your group can raise $100 to $1000 to a few thousand, depending on participation.  

Call Roberta at 360-693-4789 for available times and any other information that you might need on creating your own fundraiser.

The Bowl-a-thon
Each bowler would solicit pledges based on the number of pins knocked down during the event, or by soliciting a
dollar amount per game. The more people, the more money you can raise.
example: you received pledges of $.02 per pin from 10 people , you bowl  3 games of 125 each, total of 375 pins,
so each pledge will earn $.02x 375  = $7.50 x 10 people = $75.00 for your organization. Now if your event had
50 bowlers , each earning $75.00, - <$500>expense to the bowling center = your event would raise $3250.00 . 
We would be happy to furnish you pledge sheets suitable for your event. 

The Easy Bowl Fundraiser
Invite members of your organization, club, and friends to come to your bowling event with one half of the proceeds
going back to your organization or charity. 
example: if 100 bowlers came to bowl and paid $20.00 each, the bowling center would get $10.00 and your group
would get $10.00.  Your fundraiser would raise 100 bowlers x $10.00 = $1000.00

Washington State Gambling laws prohibit raffles and 50/50 ticket sales unless you are a non-profit organization that meets their requirements, so please check with  or email  to see if you qualify for raffle and/or silent auctions as offered below.

Raising extra Money
Another way to raise more money is to raffle off donated prizes. 100% of the proceeds would would go to your
organization.  Sell tickets 3 for $1.00, and draw winners thoughout your event. We will  gladly furnish the tickets for you at no extra cost.. ( check with WA laws first)

If you can get some large items donated, you might want to try a silent auction to raise money.
A silent auction is where prizes are displayed on tables, with a starting price on each. If a bowler or guest sees
an item they would like to have, they bid ( write your price down on the pad) the highest bidder wins the prize
and the organization receives the money.