Company Parties


      Companies all across the country are choosing bowling parties as company activities for alot of good reasons.


 1. Everyone can participate.
 2. Weather conditions are not a factor.
 3. Great food and beverage service, on site.
 4. A Variety of activities ( billiards, arcade).
 5. Build teamwork and morale


 Lanes are limited during league times, from 6pm to 9pm. Monday thru Friday .  We do have some lanes available most times .


Company Party Packages 


Group Parties:   #1 to #4,  minimum 20 people," by reservation only."
Cosmic Parties:  #5 to #6, minimum 50 people. limited time spots, by reservation.
A $25 deposit per lane is required on all parties. Non-refundable within 7 days of the party.

Call 360-693-4789 for more information and lane availability. 

Note: You will be charged for the number of bowlers scheduled for your party (example - if you reserve for a party of 50 and only 30 show, you will be charged for the 50 unless we are notified 7 days in advance.

  $1.00 per person gratuity will be added to any packages including food & drink.

Group Parties minimum 20 people  

Saturday afternoon Cosmic, add $2.00 more per person.

   #1    2 hours of bowling & shoe rental  (minimum 5 people per lane) $11.00 per person
  #2  3 games of bowling & shoe rental   (4 to 5 per lane) $13.00 per person
  #3  2 hours of bowling, shoe rental , Pizza & Soft drinks  (minimum 5 per lane) $16.00 per person
  #4  3 hours of bowling, shoe rental, Pizza & Soft drinks   (minimum 5 per lane) $19.00 per person
Cosmic Group Parties minimum 50 people, call 360-693-4789 for availibilty, not available when leagues are on the floor.


3 hours Cosmic bowling & shoe rental 

 $16.00 per person
 #6 3 hours Cosmic bowling, shoe rental, Pizza , & soft drinks   $21.00 per person

                                                                     Fill out  company party form  or call 360-693-4789   



 Rent our entire facility for $1000.00 per hour.
 Includes: unlimited Cosmic bowling & shoe rental.
 Available on Tuesday 9am to 5pm or Thursday , 12pm to 5pm or  Sundays  9am to midnight.
 Reservations & deposit required.



Party Request Form