Spring/Summer Leagues


   2017 Spring/Summer League Schedule  

day/time                                                                                    league meeting date & time


12:30pm           Summer Timber Seniors                    May8th   meeting :12:00pm, start 12:30pm

3 seniors (50+) , cost $9.50 per bowler, free coffee & cookies, 50/50 raffles & .25 kitty
bowl this league and receive $1.75 bowling Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 5pm. No USBC card required.
ends: Aug. 7th

 7:00pm   Classic Doubles                            May 15th meeting 7:00pm,   start : May 22nd -7:00pm
 2 bowlers per team.  4 games moving lanes, for the higher average bowlers (handicap based on 160 
average and above) .  matchplay, $20 per bowler, hdcp: 80%  of 425 ( 100% reverse over 425)
USBC certified. . ends August 8th.with jackpots, progressive & high game pots.


 7:00pm   Newcomers                                          May 16th 6:30pm meeting, start 7:00pm
4 bowlers per team , Great league for beginners or anyone who just wants to have fun.
$15 per week., USBC certified. bowl 13 weeks, ends August 15th.   No bowling 7/4


10:00am  Swingshifters Monte Carlo Lg.     May 10th -9::45am, meeting, start 10am
2 bowlers per team (men, women or mixed), cost $12.00, bowl at colored pins during league
and win with strikes. 
bowl this league and receive $1.75 bowling Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 5pm
USBC certified.

12:30pm  Summer Sr. Quartet                                      May 31st  12:00pm, start 12:30
4 seniors (50+) , cost $9.00 per bowler, free coffee & cookies, hdcp: 90% of 220
bowl this league and receive $1.75 bowling Mon. thru Fri. 9am to 5pm   No USBC card required
ends: Aug. 16th

12:30pm   Senior Flex                       May 24th 12:00 pm, start 12:30pm  
2 seniors per team, $9.00 per bowler, per week.  Need a certified average to bowl tournaments or other events,
then this league is for you.  ages 50 +   ends: Aug. 9th    USBC certified. 

6:30pm                Wednesday Juniors                             May 17th    meeting 6:00pm, start 6:30pm
$9.00 per bowler, team size to be determined by turnout, ages 3 to 19, coaching available
bowl this league & receive 3 FREE games per week  . USBC certified.  14 weeks, ends August 16th
with pizza and awards party . Members of the USBC Smart Scholarship program.

6:30pm  Reactive Ball League                                                 May 17th meeting 6:00pm, start 6:30pm
$24 per week & receive a reactive ball of your choice or $13.00 - No ball, join for fun. . 4 bowlers per team 
USBC certified.  ends: August 16th.


6:30pm            Adult/Junior Doubles League       May 12th  6:00pm, start 6:30pm
1 adult & 1 junior per team.  USBC certified.  Members of the USBC Smart Scholarship program.
Adults $15, kids bowl FREE, with 1 adult per free junior, end of season  pizza & awards party.                    

7:00pm Sport Club League                                    May 18th, meeting 6:30/start 7pm
$50 joining club fee., includes a 25 free game card, 15% of in our proshop on balls/bags/shoes, paperwork
that includes info and graphs about the current weeks pattern, and extra lanes will be oiled with the weeks
current pattern , one hour prior to start time for club members to practice free on.  12 week season (non-sanctioned)
4 bowlers per team (men, women, or juniors)  cost: $13 per person, per week (+ club fee), hdcp: 90% of 220


7:00pm   Friday Mixers                                              May 12th meeting  6:30pm, start 7pm
any 4 per team,   cost $15 per person, per week ,     bowl 14 weeks,       ends : August 11th.
USBC certified


Note: Many of our leagues are certified with United States Bowling Congress (USBC) . Membership is required. Cards can be
purchased 1st night of league play.  Adults: $22 , Juniors :$12  . Some leagues will vote at the meeting .

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